New Hobby: Building little plastic Gundam models

Some info

Last week I got back from Japan. Write about Japan Trip here… <- Future link

While I was there, the toys especially Gundam kits seems cheaper so I picked up a couple.

Built my first Gundam

The first Gundam series I saw was Gundam Wing in our local channel GMA 7 when I was a kid.

Duo’s Deathscythe was my favorite and was really lucky I got to pick this up.

I need more

I think I’m addicted to this new hobby. I’ve been planning to collect Gundams before since I had one kit when I was a kid and then realized that they’re expensive.

Currently reading and watching tutorials on painting and other stuff.

I’m not contented with the stickers when looking at other cool builds on the internet.

Also haven’t played a game when I got back.

Working on other SDs to get the hang of it.


Got and built a Gundam kit and hooked.

Know where to buy Gundam that ships internationally? Any good tutorials for beginner on painting?

Want to share your builds?

I’d love to talk and hear your recommendations.

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