Spore.. SporeCraft… What?


Ever played Spore, StarCraft and Warcraft strategy games? Spore lets you create vehicles, creatures and buildings and more. It was really a good game and I enjoyed busting planets and evolving creatures and mixing body parts and whatever.

I’ve stumbled upon some of my creations when I played it before. Doing some art in-game. Check it out.

HydraliskMy spore version of the Hydralisk. It kinda looks like a cuter imitation. Hahaha

RigwarlI really like the Quillboar race from Warcraft and when playing DotA I used Rigwarl a lot. This is how he ended up in spore creature creator. A little closer to how they really look.



The Sporecraft from the title is something that I made up from mixing up Spore and StarCraft/Warcraft. It is not related in any way to the Minecraft mod to Spore and other games of the same name that comes up when you search it.

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