Hello, I’ve decided to write about games I played. Sort of a review but not in-depth, there are many other sites that focus on that.

This time we’ll be talking about Plants vs Zombies.

It came out around 2009 when I was still in college, some of my friends introduced me to it.

At first I found it weird. Usual tower defense games have the camera position on top but this is like playing Mario and other side scrolling games. Before I knew it was playing for more than 8 hours straight in story mode.

Gameplay is simple, the plants are there in the lawn to stop the zombies from coming into your house and eat your brains. Just place plants for each lane to survive the zombie waves.

I think the main feature that makes this game so addictive is the Survival Endless mini-game.

The goal is to survive as many rounds and to think of different setups of plants to last that long. I’ve seen some do thousands but my highest is only 78 Flags. 😀

There is the Zen Garden mode where you can collect the plants in the game and water it and grow it then just watch them move around.

Overall a fun and highly repeatable game to keep you entertained and busy for hours.

You can also share your highest survival scores and strategy with friends.

That’s all for now.

See you guys again, bye!