A little about me

This is guy will make your website.
This guy will make your website.

Hello, my name is John Cosio. I’m a software developer, webmaster and all-around IT guy.

I build websites for clients from simple one page to complicated E-commerce sites.

Previously, I worked as a Senior Software Engineer at Philippine National Bank. Back then we analyzed business requirements and developed into web applications to improve the user’s workflow.

Competencies: PHP/Java, MVC, WordPress, Front end development and a little web design but mostly with shiny light green effects on black background(like my old site!).

Java is not my cup of…. water. Not much of a coffee or tea drinker. Too complicated for me and back in college I used to skip classes. hahahaha

Not funny? Okay, let’s forget that happened. 🙂

Check out this page to see my work and related info..

No need for fancy buzzwords, feel free to contact me if I could be of any help.