Hey there, I noticed this trend with some of the games I played recently and from some time ago.

The game storyline involves a God like figure at the beginning then ends up to be the main antagonist or false at the end.

Spoiler Alert: Some games only reveals this when on the last boss or at the later parts of the game.

The latest game that I’m currently playing is Path of Exile, I wanted to play some Action Role Playing Games after I finished the Star Craft 2: Legacy of the Void story.

Just played coop and single player. I suck big time with playing against other humans.

I feel that I’m really getting old, my reaction time has slowed down a lot in games like Star Craft where there are so many things happening.

Recent games with this example

 Back to topic, I was at ACT IV of Path of Exile when I realized that this does have the same theme.
 In ACT III, you would have to defeat the High Templar Dominus of the main city of Theopolis.
 By the name itself the place is bound by faith of some sort and maybe it is the central form of their government since Dominus is the one who sentenced criminals to be exiled instead of imprisonment or execution.
 They thought they could become God or are working for God but ended up doing shit for Nightmare.
 Also Emperor Voll in ACT IV is somewhat similar as he thought he was doing the right thing but ended up a farmable boss that gives lots of exp and loot.

Other games I played before

 In Final Fantasy Tactics, St. Ajora is the preacher known early in the game but in truth he is the host to the demon that is the final boss.

 In Alundra, the main antagonist is Melzas. He was worshipped by the people in town and was praying to him. Their prayers gives him powers and the village priest also helps him to deceive the people to worship him.

 Well, in Star Craft there was this Xel’Naga the Protoss believed to be helping them but in the end it was Amon. Also the last boss of the game.

Some games on the top of my head are Warcraft, Final Fantasy Tactics, Alundra, Final Fantasy 7, Terranigma. Xenogears. Valkyrie Profile. Well I could be wrong with these, will need to play them again and will add more.

I’m just sure about Alundra, Tactics, Path of Exile, Warcraft and Star Craft

Think I missed some of your favorites?

Feel free to add your list on the comments and I might get to try out something new.


Thanks to the artist of the Lucavi image. Found it on google images.

Update: May 26, 2019

By the way thanks to Gaurav Ramanan for his answer on how to do spoilers in html

Used this above on the spoilers. Got stuck on that on a while

I’m migrating my site from WordPress to Hugo which now uses Markdown.

Have to write about that later.