When I started setting up my websites on wordpress.com and blogspot.com I have one goal in mind.

To earn some extra MONEY.

Yup that is correct, after reading so many articles, guides and tutorials on writing blog posts and making money from your blog; I decided to give it a try.

The problem is after having signing up with those blogging services and customizing how your site looks, you don’t have anything on it.

I find it hard to write something about anything.

This continued on my self-hosted WordPress sites.

I read this article at lifehacker: url.jcos.io/1 sometime ago.

It kind of makes sense, I suck at writing and I don’t have great and world changing topics to write about.

Here is what usually happens when trying to write something before:

  • You look for a topic with search keywords and stuff
  • You make a draft about it
  • It must be long for proper SEO and minimum words
  • You don’t publish until you think people will like it and it should be helpful and stuff for them views
  • It never gets published
  • When you look at it after a long time, you don’t want to publish it anymore
  • It is now forgotten. The end.

Some thoughts

When my other website expired with some of my posts(around 5) in a span of a year.

Really low publishing rate.

I got caught in the trap above.

So here is where “Sucking Is the First Step to Being Sorta Good at Something” comes in.

I can now write short and whatever posts.

It doesn’t have to be very good, it just have to be published.

Like prototyping and agile in programming, you get the product out and then you improve it based on customer feedback but in writing… maybe experience….

I stopped trying to write really good, perfect and helpful stuff, I just write….. anything.

Anything that I can think of. Look at this post for example, it’s all over the place.

Even the punctuation and the grammar could be wrong but whatever man.

I’m still writing anyway.

Short story long. Write and write until you improve then write some more.

As programmers say(I read it somewhere but I can’t find it when searching) You don’t become good, you just become less bad.

Oh and about that making money from blog.

I never made any anyway.

Site’s got no traffic, no ads = no income.

Well in a way, we can say I did. Indirectly.

When I showed it to people during interviews.

Make something to show that you can.

My goal now is to flood this site with blog posts and make jcos.io show up in Google’s number 1 spot when searching John Cosio.

What will being on number 1 do? I don’t know, I just me to want to be there.

Maybe I can say that I’m an expert at SEO too.

Oh and being sorta good at writing. That’s a start.

As you can see I’m still getting the hang of this, any tips, comments and suggestions are welcome.

Sige paalam