You can also make money from your website.

While most of the time it is only used for displaying your products or your company information

We’ll be talking on ways to get some cash back from just having a website online.

Regarding how much and how big or small you get, your mileage may vary.

Back on topic now, Here comes my list:

Place advertisements This is a very common way to get some income, you only need to get an advertiser and place their ads on your website. Google Adsense is one of the most popular ad networks. You can also sell ad space for fixed amount per month.

1. Affiliate Marketing

“Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.”

Is what shows up when you search for it while in my definition, you simply help a company sell their products then they give you a commission.

This is done by placing ads or writing a review of a product and recommend it to customers.

2. Sponsored Reviews

The same as Advertisements and Affiliate Marketing, you write a review for a company and you can charge before you do the writing.

You will be writing some good reviews to convince people to buy your sponsor’s products.

3. Sell Products

Yes, this couldn’t be more obvious.

You can setup an online shop or just present a single product you are focused on.

4. Accept Tips/Donations

Some people don’t really intend to do this but if they have done something really cool, others want to give something.

I think you should provide something valuable like a really cool wallpaper, an amazing app for free or a website template to get people to send you money.

These can come in the form of Paypal Donate buttons, “Buy me a beer”, “Support us”, “Give lunch money”.

5. Using it as a marketing tool

Out of all the items in the list here, this is what worked for me.

When I was looking for web development jobs sometime around 2013, I think having a website increased my chance to get hired.

What better way to show that you can do something by sending them over to your website.

Something like this: “You can view my resume and portfolio at my website.”

So, that’s it for now. These are some of the ways people make money online. I have experienced setting up most of these on websites I manage. Did I miss something or you have other ways to share? I’d love to get some feedback.

Update: May 26, 2019

As for me, for my 5 years of having a website I haven’t earned anything.

So your mileage may really vary. 😛

Photo by Steve Johnson