Hello! I’m here again. Adding some updates and changing some stuff around here.

How are you doing?

So I was thinking about some stuff. When I first created my website it was just so I can create one for myself.

To be able to add to my resume. Thought it could come handy during interviews like “Hey I have experience with WordPress and stuff. Check my email I use my own domain” then I was learning a lot.

There were some ideas of monetizing it, adding some ads, selling stuff but now I’ve decided to just write stuff.

Maybe the readers and the ads will come in time but that is not the target now.

With this I think I’ll be able to add more stuff since I’m not concerned about how many words in a post, does it pass SEO checklists.

I’ve remove the ads. There are useless since there aren’t that many viewers and posts anyways. LOL

For now I’ll just make this like my personal page or something like my Facebook wall.

Post whatever I want without anymore guidelines to follow.

There were some stuff I was into back then like “How to get reader’s attention with titles”, “Make quality content to get followers”, “How to monetize your website” and so on.

Since I just use Facebook for messenger. (People are still easier to contact with Facebook/Messenger)

I have a feeling I’ll be able to update this more often now.

Also, I’ve updated the homepage. I really like it a lot better now with the skate park.

That’s all for now.

See ya

Photo by ME! That is our dog stuffing his mouth with my foot. He is Milo dog.