Hey there! Just finished Crashlands. I really enjoyed every session and lost some sleep. Just one more recipeee!!! Crashlands was released in 2016, I was pretty late for the party but no worries still got to play it. It went on sale some time ago on Steam and Google play so I went with the Android version since I thought I might be able to play that more often(Also cheaper).


The game focuses on crafting and battles to get items needed for crafting. Seems really simple but there is a lot to it.

On later stages the game could get a little grindy but not to the point that it feels like a slog.

There are lots to do in the games. Craft stuff, craft weapons, furniture and more.


Main character is Flux Dabes, She is a she but I was it was in the middle of the game where I realized that.

Bet she’s hot under that infinisuit. She is a shipping expert and the story mostly revolves around delivering the packages.

Another important character is Juicebox the robot that allows follows you around. Juicebox’s dialogues are entertaining and hilarious.

I also like the pacing of the story. Feels about right.


If you are thinking about playing a new game with great fun story and can keep you entertained for hours get this game now. Even better when on sale but It’s worth it. There are also some achievements/perks among other ButterScotch games.

There’s also a nice story of how they start up working on Crashlands.

Thinking of adding gameplay videos here on another post.

That’s all for now.

Until next game, bye!