Well hello there! Got some new toys from Humble Bundle. This is a paid link

Pretty good deal at $15 you get 5-7 games.

First time in a while playing some games that actually have and ending.

For some time I was into MMORPGs, DoTA, mobile games(Clash of Clans, Summoners War) but sometimes it’s good to go back to basics.

Back in the day you play games until you see The End, Fin.

It was a really good feeling to watch the credits.

Got my first Humble Endless RPG Lands Bundle with 2 Borderlands and more.

I’ll be busy playing the Borderlands series included in the bundle.

Feels refreshing to play single player story games again.

Now time to play. Starting with Borderlands.

Get your bundles and start expanding your game collection.

☝️ I receive a commission from Humble Bundle for purchases made through these links.

This comes with no additional cost and helps me get more games.

Thank you

Until next game!

Photo by Nhu Nguyen