This is my first take on painting with GIMP.

Tried editing the background out and replacing with space.

Subject is the Gundam Deathscythe-Hell EW version.

Practicing adding glowing things to eyes and the scythe.



I got some more posts coming up. Cleaning up the Gundam Crossbones and working on the SD Sinanju.

Still 2 more SD then moving on to my MG kit or get some HG for practice.

If you would also like to build this kit you can get it on Amazon with the link below.

Model Kit: SD Gundam EX-Standard Gundam Deathscythe-Hell EW

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This comes with no additional cost and helps me with food Gundam money

Thank you

This is actually quite relaxing. Haven’t opened Steam in a while.

Space background image in edited photo by Alexander Andrews