Model Kit: SD Gundam EX-Standard Wing Gundam Zero EW

So after looking around on how to paint and what best way to do this, I ended up coloring and working on this using my computer.

This is the previous SD we built – Wing Gundam EW



Cleaned up some nubs, changes colors and a lot more easier done.

Pros of using computer

  • Cheaper I didn’t have to buy any paint
  • Faster, it is seen asap. Does not need to wait for paint to dry.
  • Can look really good depending on skill level. (Still starting out, my second shot at this)
  • Can easily remove nubs as well


  • Can’t really display the finished product since only digital
  • Sometimes it’s hard to use mouse with drawings
  • That’s all I can think for now

If you would also like to build this kit you can get it on Amazon with the link below.

Model Kit: SD Gundam EX-Standard Wing Gundam Zero EW

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This comes with no additional cost and helps me with food Gundam money

Thank you

Helpful video I saw so far which I used for reference

He does toy photography tutorials and stuff.

Tools for editing

  • GIMP

GIMP because it’s free and this is only a hobby I do when there’s time to spare so no need for Photoshop.

Yeah that’s it for now. Just a lot of googling and see what looks good.