Welcome to a new series of posts.

This is Job hunter John’s Bazaar Adventures.

A bazaar is a permanently enclosed marketplace or street where goods and services are exchanged or sold.

Hmmmm enclosed marketplace for developers.. Programming services…

Yeah… That’s really forced..

Alright. This series should be alive in a while since I’m still open for work..

Freelance or Employment

Let’s do this in daily stand-up meeting format.


Yesterday, I had an exam for a local office.

They had really great perks that got me excited in a while.

It consists of 4 parts with exams.

Let’s have some story first, lately everyone seems to be looking for ReactJs or VueJS developers and also NodeJs. So the logical thing to do is to also study those.

Then around 3 in the afternoon I got a call from a recruiter, seems nice and balanced.

As all things should be.

He asked for a schedule for an exam/interview I complied and wanted it ASAP. We’ve agreed to have it at 5PM, more or less in two hours.

I was excited. I’ve setup a Laravel project on Laradock, Nginx and all.

We were on a call where I can share my screen so I can’t search for stuff.

Syntax is allowed but searching for the problems are not. Seems fair enough.

I was pumped. It was a 4 stage exam, I likened to a game of DoTA.

First stage is the first tower.

This is where the pressure is all. An important part where you know if you are at a disadvantage.

First tower is a 30 minutes exam.

Man, I’ve been reading about React, Vue, Node and all that shit until now.

This is child’s play. I have the internet I am unstoppable.

No mere mortal tower can hinder me now.

Then we got into it.

Basic FooBar, got this in the bag. Alright! That Frozen Throne is as good as melted.

Then math hit me. I need to use modulo manually without using % mod.

I can’t search for it. The Scourge rallied, killed Roshan then straight up wrecked our mid to the tree. Sending it to destination fucked.

I was defenseless, no farm, no kills, no items.

Long story short. I failed.

No hard feelings though. Examiner was fair and balanced.

It only occurred to me after that I could have searched for the solution on my phone.

He can’t see me we’re not using our cameras but yeah that doesn’t sit right with me.

This was my lose.


I am still frustrated about modulo. After the exam I was trying to make it work.

Got it to work but I think I won’t be remembering it.

Math and exams are not my strong suite.

Usually when in interviews I answer to “What is your weakness?": Math, Written Exams, Practical Exams.

Do I suck at those. Come to think of it.

Half of my successful employments were those without exams, just interviews. So when exam is present I have a 50% hired chance.


Math. Exams.


The lesson, do more projects for portfolio so it will offset the exam results hehehehe

Need to finish reading up Flutter articles then play Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus for a break.

That’s all for this today.

Going to write up on that next.

Until the next episode of Jojo’s Bazaar Adventures.