Made my logo using GIMP then Inkscape.

These tools have been on a roll especially GIMP.

I use it all the time to edit my Gundam photos for example.

GIMP is like Photoshop.

You can edit photos and add filters and stuff but it’s FREE!

Adobe tools are great but the price is too high. I’m only doing graphics from time to time mostly for hobbies.

It doesn’t make sense to shell out money for that while GIMP does what I need.

I’m only scratching the surface with basic stuff for now.

Inkscape is for creating vector graphics.

Only used it for that to create an icon of this logo.

More experienced people might use it to its full potential but hey it’s also FREE!

Can’t complain about these tools.

So give them a try, who knows they might be useful to you too.

Notice how it looks like a terminal icon then I’ve added my initials JC there?

I’m happy with it, feeling so creative here.

I don’t know if there could be tons like that online.

Nothing much to see here.

Sharing a bit about my logo and how it fits the theme of this site.