Ahhh anime, don’t we all thought of being a main character before?

When I was a kid I remember first anime I watched was Dragon Ball.

Then I wanted to be like Goku, then Vegeta was introduced, he was not a good guy to say the least. He destroys planets and kills people but he was awesome I think he’s cooler than Goku.

So just a regular day. Checking latest chapters of Mangas and Reddit for spoilers.

Well, recently I’m seeing lot of stories about Isekai or moving to another world. Usually by accidentally getting sucked by a portal or some thing, think of Jumanji.

I remember Fushigi Yuugi and The Vision of Escaflowne for this genre. First one is more for girls and Escaflowne had robots and dragons and other cool stuff. These were shown on our local tv (GMA 7), I am not sure what the story is but I remember the titles.

Anyway to get to the point, I thought what if I were to get transported to an anime world

What should be good, a gaming world like Sword Art Online or something more messed up like Dungeon Seeker.

Then I stumbled into this post, I’m not sure how, I forgot…

That’s it!

If there was some kind of magical phenomenon that transports me to another world. It is clear, I know what I want if there is a choice. I want to be in a different world where the main characters have their hair hiding their eyes, if you know what I mean.

There was a sudden inspiration, I want to do this. I can edit my face to have hidden eyes hehehe.

Here is what happened next:

  1. Took a selfie. Yeah I don’t do this a lot, I think it’s kind embarrassing but for the cause I got thru it.
  1. Edit my photo, add a little more hair to cover the forehead and eyes then add the signature shadows. I have GIMP in hand so we’ll go with that.

  2. Edit the image with the all star main characters from above. I don’t know most of these guys or seen their series.

  3. Slap my main character face in there.

  4. Write this blog post because why not.

I name this Sir Atbu sama. Here we have the first masterpiece of photo editing work for 2020.

I chuckled to that while typing. Great way to start updating this site again.

This was image was fun to make and something different from coding.

That’s all. I can’t think of anything else. Bye.

Oh and if you are here. Thanks a lot!

I don’t think people actually go here, also according to analytics. hehehe