Hello, here we are again with another GIMP Complete.

I finished over during the holidays. Had some problems using my Mother’s laptop. It was just shutting down without warning.

Can’t blame the laptop since it’s really old. Stopped running Windows XP and had to reformat with Linux.

LXLE made it usable again but that’s a story for another time.

Setting up

I need to get some base to pose the Gundam in the air.

I’ve tried with a pink background with a folder then to make it stand with a chopstick in between two dumbbell.

Well gotta improvise until a proper base.



There are some new things I’ve done here.

Multiple color changes of parts.

What I like the most was the chest since that ended up looking normal.

I’ve also did a lot of detailing especially in the face and the Crossbones.

Tried changing the gun to be a lightsaber but it doesn’t look so good.

This was take from the Sinanju to have a dual wielding effect.

Didn’t remove the background cleanly so I used the white background to make it look like it was very bright.

If you would also like to build this kit you can get it on Amazon with the link below.

This kit only comes in SD frame, Cross Silhouette frame sold separately.

I don’t have one yet. 😛

Model Kit: SD Gundam Cross Silhouette Crossbone Gundam X1

☝️ I receive a commission from Amazon for purchases made through these links.

This comes with no additional cost and helps me with food Gundam money

Thank you