John Cosio

Software Engineer > Game Developer > Researcher


- Skynet

Research and development on machine learning for the AI project Skynet

You do not talk about company name

- Project Mayhem

I’m not so good with math but the goal was to reset every record to 0 so that works with me. Tabula rasa.


- Dolls

In charge of monitoring data analytics from Dolls missions and progress.

Aperture Science, Inc.

- GlaDOS

Another AI project.. The cake is a lie…

Umbrella Corporation

- J-Virus

First time venturing into pharmaceuticals and scientific stuff. Worked on research and creation of a virus for Java but ended up to be effective for other applications.


- T-800

Research and development on T-8XX series OS.

- Time travel

Calibration of time portal with datepicker with time to prevent John Cosionnor from leading the resistance. Returning back to Cyberdyne to help again in creating AI. Need to fix my infinite for loop.

Neo Ark

- Artificial Neo-Mitochondrial Creatures

Another shady research company tasked me to help in creating enhanced soldiers and mutating people. Didn’t end well… Happens all the time.


- CrossWorlds MMOG

Something new and exciting after the previous work. Game development Helped work with VR experience by making AR Goggles see items only visible to avatars.

Telestrian Industries

- Spray for insect spirits

Research of a chemical spray capable of killing the insect spirits

Shinra Electric Power Company

- Mako Reactors

Designated in maintaining reactors' cooling systems. Pretty efficient and low cost but has a risk to spawn weapons and meteors.

Gazel Ministry

- Mass Driver Facility

Researcher on a nanomachine that can remove the genetic limiters placed on the world’s population but has side effect that can turn people to mutants.

The Camerata

- Transistor

Worked on setting up and customizing the Transistor’s functions. Similar to programming, added basic functions such as Get(), Void(), and so on.

Third Energy

- Dinosaur Migration

Similar to a previous experience which deals with time travel. However my task is to transport dinosaurs from the Mesozoic era to present time to balance out the ecosystem as all things should be.



Worked on claptrap’s personality AI. I really enjoyed these robots I made them a banner in my backlog. I was inspired by the Hyperion’s president which started out as a low-ranking programmer(like me!)…

Shinra Electric Power Co. Logo by Draconovich